Tuesday, December 7

Chicken Pen Rescue

Today I was granted the help that I was cursing about and wishing for the other day in the mud and chicken poo.

Roy and I tackled the chicken pen today. I knew that he was not impressed by my handiwork and I broke my rule and asked for help. (wishing for help to magically appear and not have to be asked is one thing. Asking for it is quite another in my book).

There comes a time when muscle in the form of a husband is needed. Pushing cars out of ditches, moving the fridge, and, apparently, repairing a chicken pen.

First we removed all the stuff that I had done - tarps, ropes and temporary fencing. Then we started from the beginning. Yeah, he was definately not impressed.

The first step was to brace up the main support posts. We used 2x4's pounded into the ground at the base of each post and it worked very well. The fencing regained some of its former shape due to this and it looked so much better. Why didn't I think of that? Oh yeah, it was because swinging a sledgehammer to pound a 2x4 into half frozen dirt was a little beyond my muscular ability since childbirth and severely procratinating with the weight lifting.

Then we re-strung the rope in a better pattern to allow a great deal of support for the new mesh that we bought. It is much stronger with larger holes so that even the bulkiest snow will pass through. We kept the 1/3rd division, but shored it up nicely for stability and put a generous layer of the mesh over our 1/3 section. Everything was secured with zip ties.

The ladies watched from the windows as it was too chilly for them today, and we got the project done without injury or frostbite. There was about 5 inches of snow on the ground which kept the mud to a minimum and the winter festivities going on at the tree farm behind us kept us entertained. "What kind of dog is that?" "Are they going to get a wreath too?" "Do they really think they can haul that huge tree up on top of that mini-van?"

I had to pack in my pride today. I got my help and the pen does not look half bad. Granted, it will receive a complete overhaul this coming spring but for now, it is serving its purpose. My disappointment in myself from not being able to handle this task, although a blow to my pride, was offset by the fact that the ladies are safe.

Bonus round: Roy was on a helping spree so we also got our Christmas tree set up today. Little man is now learning something new "No Touch Lights!"

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