Tuesday, December 28

Better Rooster (?) Photos

OK, here we go......

Here is a photo of 4 out of 6. I think this is two hens and two roosters? Even a first year chicken girl like me can see a visible difference here. But, our other ladies all grew at different rates and some are much larger than others, and they are all girls.

Here is one that I think is a rooster. I am thinking that because of the large comb and the plumage in the tail feathers.

Group shot - three roosters, two hens?

Definitely a hen, right?

Any and all advice, suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated. I have been trying not to get too attached to these possible 4 roosters just in case they happen to be, well, roosters. We can not have roosters here so they will have to be sold or 'dispatched.' Would it be wrong, if I found someone locally who would 'dispatch' humanely, to put them in my freezer?

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