Friday, November 5

Out of Commission

It is a curious thing - the facination toddlers have with laptops. Considering that when I was a baby/toddler/kid/teenager there was no such thing as one, the little guy has developed a desire for one quite quickly.

His desire was so great, in fact, that he decided my laptop was going to become his. The only problem was that my laptop was on the table, whereas he is more comfortable typing and web surfing on the floor. And not yet quite understanding the laws of gravity he innocently (?) tossed my laptop into the air and instead of a gentle landing below, which he was expecting (?), a huge crash was heard for about a half mile away

My yell was probably heard much further away than that but what is done is done and I have been trying to repair it. No luck so far but it is still under warranty so I will be calling customer service shortly.

So, as a result, posts will be sparse for a little bit. Hang in there with me, I need all the good thoughts I can find.

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