Wednesday, November 10

It's Official

It's official - it's chilly out there. Frost and chill rain and wind. All the signs that it is time to button up the house, stock the pantry, break out the afghans and lay in the pellets. We visited Tractor Supply, aka Best Store Ever, this past weekend and stocked up on chicken feed with some extra corn for winter and 1 ton of pellets for the stove. In addition to the 1 1/4 ton we already have here at the house, this additional ton will get us through this winter and into the spring.

*another reason to love the truck*

The yard is ready for winterizing, and the middle of this week is supposed to show a heat wave of 55 degrees. This means I will be packing up the lawn furniture and garden decor and shoring it in the garden shed for another season. Most of the flower beds need to be cleaned out still and every year at this time I ask myself 'why do I have so many beds that do not produce food?' Then spring comes and I am reminded why with all colors bursting forth and butterflies galore.

Winter plans hold nothing grand here, as with every year. We lay low, enjoy the stove heat, read books, and, this year, play with the little guy's mountains of toys collected all year from generous Grandparents. I will worry about the ladies being out in the coop during the chill weather but we have taken steps to keep them comfortable, and there is always the heat lamp if it just gets too cold. Winter here is standing on the front porch and watching the snow fall on the yard and the road. The plows do not frequent our road so I mostly can stare at a covered surface with a few tire tracks in it. When a car goes by, slowly, I like to hear the crunch of snow under the wheels.

But there is no snow yet and I am not in any rush to see it. Even though I am not fond of misty rain, wet leaves in need of raking and the chill wind in the field, I am really not fond of shoveling. The best part of fall is over, the crispy part as I call it, and now it is time to button up and settle in.

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