Tuesday, December 7

Four Days and Counting....

It has been snowing, steadily, for the last 4 days. Any they say there is more to come. At last count, we had just over 16 inches in the yard, not counting the drifts which are up to 3 feet.

The ladies are in the coop due to the cold and that the snow is deeper than they are tall.

Prince, our oldest cat who wants to go outside all the time even though he is an indoor cat, took one look and decided it was better in the house. I opened the door for him, knowing that he would not take the opportunity on a day like today and he bolted back up the stairs to the kitchen when a blast of chill wind hit his fur.

Snowy, however, is in pure heaven. She loves the cold, even in her old age. She wants to lay in the snow, she wants to dig in the snow and she wants to stick her whole head down into the snow and search for moles. If I let her, she would stay out there all day.

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