Saturday, November 27

The End of November

Today is another one of those stereotypical November days, and even though it is the last day of November, he has decided to go out with a bang.

The rain is currently coming in horizontal and the wind is rattling the windows. And I have all but given up hope on the flagpole. I am 50/50 - sad and relieved. Sad that it is disgusting weather season and relieved in that I do not have to garden in it. I love my gardens and doing yard work but there comes a time, usually around the beginning of September, that I start having thoughts like "I really just want to get the mowing done - who cares about the pattern!" Sacrilege, I know.

I have also discovered that not being out in the yard and being mostly in the house all day has made me a little jumpy. I am not going to start hiding when a car goes by but the leaves are scaring me. I sit on the couch and the leaves blow by and I jump because I think someone is walking past my window. The other day when it was also frantically windy, I swear that I saw a monarch butterfly outside the kitchen window. It was a leaf.

The only one crazy enough to be out in the yard today is Snowy. She loves it. The colder, the better and she is getting a free bath so I am not complaining. She will be made to come in shortly however since even I know the limits of a good free bath.

Even the chickens are hold up in the coop today, digging around in the straw and pecking at things. They ventured out this morning when the door was opened just because they always make the mad morning dash but they did not stay out long. Their area is complete mud and the bugs are not out today. Nothing makes a normally attractive flock look more horrible than the rain. Although it is fun to watch them shake off, they mostly look depressed and humiliated when wet.

The new girls are getting along well, even though they mostly keep to themselves. They are aggressive and tend to roost in their own area. And I am still convinced that I have 6 baby velociraptor's. They carry themselves differently than the other girls - higher, more of a strut, like they are constantly on alert. Wide eyed and cautious, they can get aggressive and scary at a moments notice - especially when I fill the feeders. They have not hurt any of the other girls and they tend to keep to themselves, so I think they are fitting in nicely. As long as they do not start hunting in groups of three and blindside me when I try to collect the eggs.

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  1. My neighbor has chickens - we're feeding and watering them this week - and I noticed their bedraggled look this morning. I wonder why they stay outside!