Tuesday, November 2

Chicken Eye

The new girls are fitting in well - no fighting that I can see. They keep to themselves still and do not venture out of the coop into the yard. But they seem happy and they are eating everything in sight. Most days they are content to congregate around the feeder. I imagine them chatting about their new surroundings and about their roommates. I don’t even want to know what they think about Hildred. She is still molting and even though some of her feathers have grown back she still looks totally disheveled.

This weekend will be the winterizing of the coop. I am planning on deep pine shavings that I can rake, straw bales stacked to give a little insulation, and I might have to put plastic over the windows to prevent drafts. I have been advised not to use the heat lamp due to fire concerns and that it might mess up their molt and throw them all off schedule. I read that food is heat for them and to supplement their normal rations with corn. However, I will keep an eye on the temps and if I gets below freezing consecutively, I will plug in the heat lamp.

The new girls have been giving me vicious 'chicken eye' since they have been introduced to my flock. I don;t think they are plotting against me or anything but I can't help but think that I have 6 baby velociraptor's in my care.

Finn, my biggest lady (and my favorite), is turning out to be quite photogenic.

The new girls - very dark Rhode Island Reds. I really hope none turn out to be guys.

Getting the chicken eye - "why are you flashing that camera in my face?"

"Seriously! Get the camera out of my face!"

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  1. Ooohhh I saw some chicken butt! lol. I wonder if they get spots when the camera flashes? Curious minds want to know...Yes I dont get out much :)