Thursday, November 18

Yesterday was a stormy day here in upstate New York - cold, pelting November rain and wind so strong they issued warnings on the noon news. It was a good day to stay inside with the pellet stove humming and the knitting needles out and ready.

A quick venture outdoors to check on the chickens and grab the mail was rewarded with a nice thick envelope from Mother Earth News. They send a few advance copies when they print one of your pictures and they decided to print a milkweed pod that the little guy photographed on one of our walks.

Of course, when you get an issue of Mother Earth News with loaves of bread on the cover, you know it is time to break out the mixing bowl.


  1. You make me want to invest in a pellet stove.

  2. They really are a great investment. Cleaner in the house than wood and no chainsaws are involved.