Thursday, November 25

Birds, and birds, and..... more birds

I was standing in the kitchen the other day and I heard this noise - like a thousand birds all chirping at once. And guess what it turned out to be.

Yep. A thousand birds all chirping at once.

Well, maybe not a thousand, but at least a couple hundred.

They were flooding the two large maples in our front yard and the other maple in the neighbors yard - totally filling up all available branch space in each tree. Given the light and the height of the birds I could not determine what kind they were, but it was still quite a sight.

They were all chirping and squawking and carrying on, and passing cars would startle a few dozen into flight, only to re-land on the next nearest open spot. There were just hundreds of them.

Then they all decided, en mass, to take off for somewhere else. Again, what a sight.

Then, the sound of hundreds of bird droppings splatting against the driveway and the road.

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