Friday, November 19

2010 Resolution Update

This cute pic has nothing to do with Resolution reviews. I just thought it was sweet.

When 2010 started, I made three official resolutions, and two unofficial ones. Here is the final report.

The 2 unofficial ones have resulted in a 50/50 accomplishment. The first was to spell better in my blog posts and I can proudly say that I run the spell check before I post anything. Yes, spell check. What? Did you think I was actually going to have a dictionary sitting next to the computer?

The other one was lose weight, just like everyone else. That's a big negative. I would lose some only to have a cookie setback. Since I started making my own cookies instead of buying the processed Chips Ahoy!, I have realized that, if I have all the ingredients in the pantry, I can have cookies whenever I want. This is not a good thing even though it sounds like one.

Resolution #1 - Every time I enter a store, I will make conscious choices. I will try to buy less. I will ask myself if I really need it, if I already have something similar, and how long I will use the item before I throw it away or recycle it.

I will pay attention to where the item is made, how much packaging is used, and how far the item had to travel to get to me.

I will change the way I think about shopping. Instead of "getting groceries" I will "select and purchase provisions

This has been working out great. I have been buying much less, thinking about what I really want and reading the packaging before buying. I try to think about the entire life-cycle of the item before I decide to buy it. Is the packaging recyclable? How much packaging is there? Did it come from recycled sources? How well is the item made? Where is the item made? How long will I keep the item? What will I do with it when I don't need it anymore? Is it something I could donate? Will it end up in a landfill?

I know this seems like a lot to go over with each thing you want to buy but it really is quite fast and it saves money and time in the long run. Like I said in a previous post, I feel more connected to the things that I buy now in that I have thought about the purchase and made room for it in the budget. It is not just a random fling purchase. It means something to go to the store now. When we are walking around the grocery store, I can look at the items in the cart and feel good about buying them. Quality items with ingredients we can pronounce for the most part.

Resolution #2 - I will try a minimum of 5 new foods this summer, mainly fruits and vegetables.

This one, although completed for the most past, was not as wonderful as I thought it might be. I imagined myself trying new foods and loving them - having the 'I can't believe I haven't tried this before' moment every time I went to the farmers market.
But I think I just have to accept the fact that I am a very picky eater and I like what I like. Just because I don't like tomatoes (gasp!) doesn't mean I can't grow them for sauce and for the other people here who love them.

Food checklist:
chocolate hazelnut praline with hazelnut pieces and ground nougatine - YUCK! oranges - OK
blueberries - Not so much
melon - Not all that great
pear - OK

Resolution #3 - Less. More. Quality.. Less of things that are not necessarily good for us - junk food, processed food, cable tv, going too fast. We have really improved on all of these things and we are feeling better physically because we eat more whole foods, less junk and we spend less time in front of the tv. Getting rid of cable was a great decision.
More. More attention to the things that matter. The baby, the husband, the pets. One or more have been neglected due to, well, one or more of the three. This is also better. Since we are watching less tv, we are doing more with each other. Going for walks when the weather cooperates with the baby and Snowy, taking time to cuddle the cats a little more, and just sitting on the couch with Roy when we do find something on regular tv to watch and not also be working on knitting or blogging. Just spending time.
Quality. More quality, less quantity. I said in the previous post that 'I will spend more on a quality item that I know will last. I will spend a little more on organic produce and meats and be a little more careful in general as to looking for quality in everything.' It has been a change but a benefit. Yes, it does cost more when you buy organic flour instead of the store brand, and the apples are expensive too but we can really tell the difference. Especially with the meat. I can't eat the non-organic meat anymore. It just tastes different and I don't like anymore. The organic tastes better, it works better in recipes and it just cooks better in general. There is less fat to carve off as well.

So, all in all, most everything was a success. I learned a lot about food, consumerism and how we live. I just have to remember to consider all the options and choices and make the best one for our money, our health and the environment in general. Trying new foods in just not going to happen though. I am happy with my limited palate. And even though we learned a lot, I am also not making any more resolutions this coming New Year. We are just going to keep making informed choices for our purchases, our health, and for the health of the planet.

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