Wednesday, October 13


I was going through some albums the other day and I found some nice pictures of my Aunt Sandy. She passed away over a year ago but it feels like just yesterday that I was talking with her about an interesting bit of family history information.

She was the one who fostered and encouraged my love of history and genealogy and taught me the importance of remembering and learning from the past.

She was a talented woman who was not only an historian but an artist, farmer, traveler and friend. She also had pet raccoons at one time - the picture below is her holding one of the "babies".

I worked for her on the farm and helped her dry flowers - one of her talents - and she would make beautiful arrangements to sell at their huge fall farm stand. She would tie them and give them to me to hang in their barn. I would ask where to hang them and she would say to just "find a nail", meaning one of the many that dotted the beams of the old barn.

A lesson to us all: tell the people in your life how much they mean to you while you can.

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