Friday, October 8

Good Day

Yesterday was a good day - for weather and for knocking quite a few things off the to-do list. Mom came over to keep an eye on little man while I got muddy and sweaty in the garden. I loved every minute of it.

The vegetable gardens are now ready to have a good tilling before winter. Everything we planted is done, and it was a pretty good year. We got a lot of tomatoes, cucumbers, and decorative gourds this year, and even a few corn stalks made it to use for fall decoration. I also managed to take down the huge sunflowers that were severely drooping and that the birds were demolishing regardless. I set all the seed heads out on the front porch for the chipmunks and birds and we get to see the show pretty much 24/7. Blue jays are mean.

The chicken fence has been repaired and holes have been patched in the coop where some of the older boards became loose. The poultry netting on top of the chicken pen is going to need to be reattached before too long since we have had some very windy days here recently. And I have to remove the part closest to the shed anyway for painting. A few good dry fall days and I will have a red shed with white trim.

Behind the shed has gotten quite overgrown due to lack of time to trim branches. So yesterday I went to work with the saw and now that whole area is looking ship shape again. It is quite shady there to begin with so I want to keep it as clear as possible to let light in.

The rest of the day was spent doing all those annoying little things that build up and that you just can't seem to get done. Too many to name here but things like put up the new birdfeeders, clean up yard debris, take all the empty potting containers to the shed, get the grill ready for winter - things like that.

To top it all off, little man behaved wonderfully for Mom (he even took a nap!) and the weather cooperated all day. After Mom went home little man and I flew his butterfly kite and played with the chickens in their tractor. (I had to get that set up today too so they could have a little fresh grass. Their enclosure has seen better days in the grass growing variety).

There was one incident in that a poor little coyote, not a baby but not full grown, was struck by a car sometime over the night. He had managed to crawl towards the woods but only made it to our back yard. My neighbor came over and removed the little guy for me - not wanting to have it in our woods or field so Snowy would not get into it. I makes me sad every time I see an animal in the road. I feel like we are taking so much away from them as a society.

So, except for the coyote, I can say that yesterday was a good day. Cooperation, hard work, getting dirty and the feeling of accomplishment at night. I really want to think that that is what all this 'lite' homesteading is about.

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