Wednesday, October 20

Chicken Advice Needed

I am worried about Hildred.

She is looking rather ragged as of late and I am not sure why. She has energy, she is eating, and, as far as I can tell, she is still laying.

Her feathers have never been quite right, and she has always had a little "bald spot" on her rear, but it seems to be getting worse. The "bald spot" is much bigger and she has lost a few feathers around her wings. She is also looking a little thin, but she always was a small bird.

All the other ladies appear healthy, happy and plump and i have seen no aggression towards anyone from anyone else.

Is she molting? Is she being picked on by the other ladies when I am not around?

Any advice would be very helpful!


  1. Meredith,
    Hildred may be getting "raked" by another hen. One of my girls, Elenor, gets "assaulted/raked" by a larger hen that jumps on her back and rakes her claws into her rear rump feathers-as Lizzie is holding Elenor down like this, she also plucks the feathers from Elenor's head. My poor Elenor is a mess-when I turn them out in the morning, I try to monitor the hen that is being aggressive and stop it when I can. I did not witness the aggression for a long while and I spend a lot of time with my girls (the "attacks" are very swift).

  2. My chicks have not molted but from seeing my friend's chickens I have to say that she is molting. My friend's chicks are all butt I hope they start molting soon before winter sets in or maybe I'll have to knit them some little panties ;)