Thursday, September 30

Weather Rhythms

Last night we had a beautiful sunset, all colors, which I enjoyed from my kitchen window as I scrubbed away at dirty dishes. the pine trees blocked the view somewhat but I could still tell it was a beauty. Our local tv station weather cam caught some of it, plus some raindrops.

I always say that little rhyme that my Grandma would say. If I was staying at my grandparent’s farm and we saw a particularly pink-ish sunset, she would recite the verbiage about pink skies and night being a sailor’s delight. Meaning good weather for the coming day, any sailor that took last night’s color show for a good omen, weather-wise, would be sadly disappointed.

Today's weather was one big rainy mess with some wind mixed in. The entire house was chilly and damp all day and despite the long list of outdoor chores I have to get done, I was sequestered indoors. Annoyed, but determined, I forged ahead taking care of a whole bunch of little things around the house. Stuff that I had on the back burner and wanted to get done. I ended up feeling ok, even though I got soaked taking out the garbage.

The love/hate relationship I have with the weather has changed since I have started gardening for food as well as flowers. I seem to be paying a great deal more attention to frosts and rains and droughts. Trying to balance things out with plant covers and sprinklers, and learning to live in the rhythm of the weather. I can honestly say that this had made me slow down, and it has helped me prioritize and it has made me much more observant. It feels like I wake up in the morning being a part of something - checking the temperature and the skies. I am not responsible for a 1000 head of cattle or a sheep ranch or 5,000 acres of cabbage and my livelihood does not entirely depend on what our small farm produces but I am responsible for the lives of 16 chickens. And if it is too hot, they will need extra water and a shade tarp. Chilly temps? Extra layer of bedding.

Weather rhythms have slowly started to replace my previous rhythms of anxious and over-stressed days. It has helped me slow down.

My lawn is a soggy mess. My basement pump has been running off and on all day and I still have a shed to paint. But today all I could do was stand on my front porch and watch it come down.


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