Wednesday, September 8

Thunder Storms

The storms rolled through here last night bringing booming thunder and a massive lightning show. The wind picked up and I knew I would have a ton of yard clean up to do in the morning but I didn't care. It was actually exciting to sit and listen to the pouring rain and thunder claps that seemed to be centered right over our house.

The little guy slept right through it, snoring loudly. He has decided not to take afternoon naps anymore, much to my disappointment since this is when I usually take my much needed afternoon nap. So by the time 7pm rolls around, he is usually down for the count. Out like a light and he missed it all.

This morning I woke to a wet and wind-blown couple of acres. Branches down and various not-so-heavy garden decorations laying around the yard. The sky was a cobalt blue, not dull but enjoyable and I let the chickens out to attack the unlucky bugs that wandered into the enclosure overnight. I am getting over a dozen eggs a day now since the younger ladies have started producing - at present count I have 7 dozen in my fridge. I have a few regular customers but due to the present quantity, I am going to have to drum up some more business. Either that or we are going to be eating a lot of omelets. Alot.

The ladies did not seem to be bothered by the storm and they stayed warm and dry in the chicken coop. But the chill weather that seems to be slowly creeping in lately has got me thinking about the ladies and how they will deal with the coming winter. I am planning on plenty of straw and pine bedding for insulation, lining some of the interior walls of the coop with straw bales and also having the heat lamps on stand-by in case of extreme cold.

I am unsure about letting them out in the snow but I don't want to keep them inside for months. Time to consult the chicken books, and my blog friends for advice! Tips anyone?
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