Friday, September 10

Pointless Post About Sun Chips

We are a Sun Chips family. They taste great, they are not as horrible for you as say, potato chips, and they pack well in Roy's lunch bag.

Not paying much attention, I grabbed a bag a while ago at the store and noticed how loud it was. But I was in hurry and the baby was crying and we made a rush to the checkout. Then I noticed it again - when the cashier picked up the bag to scan it. (A note on "scanning" later). It was loud - obnoxiously loud. Crinkly and the texture of the bag was different.

Turns out I had somehow missed the ads for the bio-degradable bags back then. Fabulous idea, since I am so sick of seeing garbage litter the sides of roads. At least this one, when pitched out some teenager’s window will not be there forever. But I just wish they could have made the bag less loud.

Check out the neat little composting video from Sun Chips HERE.

I know, this is a petty thing and I should not complain about it. There is no reason to complain about it unless you are a little kid or someone on a diet trying to sneak a treat. Try opening one of those bags with the whole neighborhood knowing that you are sneaking a snack. Come to think of it, they should put all fattening foods in loud packaging so you will be just the little bit embarrassed opening it.

According to Mother Earth News, these bioplastic bags from Sun Chips are the only ones, currently, that totally biodegrade in a normal, backyard composting situation. There are others out there that claim to be biodegradable but it is not really the case. You can read about it HERE.

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