Thursday, September 16

Harvesting Decor

As part of my ongoing effort to do more with less and to save money, I have again this year grown my fall decor in the side yard by the shed. Every year I watch my Chinese Lanterns slowly take over areas of lawn and the green lanterns turn light orange and then to a deep red-orange.

I usually dry them on the branch and use them in the house for a warm and welcoming fall decoration, along with pinecones and miniature pumpkins.

As we all know now, fall is here and I am enjoying the first days of my favorite season. And what better way to celebrate then to cut the Chinese Lanterns and get them hanging to dry in the shed.

The area that I let them expand to this year was larger than last year so I had to spend quite a bit of time cutting the tangled branches. Of course, the ground under them was void of grass and it was mostly just a large patch of musty smelling dirt.

Then I saw him. The biggest frog I have EVER seen. I am not exaggerating, like in the snake incident. This guy was HUGE. Cool. I guess I must have taken away his home - a heavy canopy of leaves and intertwines branches, for which I do feel a little guilty. But by the size of him, I have no doubt that he will be able to muscle his way into a new home quickly.

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