Monday, September 27

Chickens and Fencing

Another day of rain here. A slow, soaking rain that started around noon and has not let up since. And it has been a restful day here, all be it dark and dreary, and even with the little guy needing his constant entertainment, it felt like the rainy days I used to enjoy before baby.

Despite the rain, little man was insisting on going outside to play. He absolutely loves to be outside and does not understand that running around in the rain is not always a good thing. I tried everything to distract him but he was not going to give it up. So I relented, put him in warm clothes and was grateful that it was just a drizzle at that particular time.

We did the usual wandering around the yard and then we headed over to check on the ladies.

And it was a good thing we did.

One of the ladies was stuck in the fencing that surrounds their enclosure. She had somehow managed to get her front half under the bottom of the fencing, so she was half in and half out of the enclosure. She also had a wing stuck in the first row of fencing 'rectangles'. She was wet and very stuck.

I went into the enclosure and approached her slowly as not to scare her. I could see that her wing was stuck tightly and at an awkward angle. She was scared and I very slowly got my hands under the fencing, gently bending it upward. Then I very gently maneuvered her wing out of the rectangle and then she was able to move get out from under the fencing.

She moved slowly but she seemed fine. I checked her and watched her for a few minutes to make sure and the other ladies came over to her, also seeming to look her over for damage. I checked on her again tonight and she is fine. I am just glad that the little man was so persistent about going outside this afternoon.

I now see that I am going to have to do some work on the fencing this week. I am planning on putting logs along the bottom of the fence on the inside. I already have a few by the spots that were not as tight to the ground as other spots, and it has worked very well. So, I think I am going to out logs around the entire perimeter. We recently cut down a few cedar trees on the property and those logs will work nicely. The ladies have just managed to peck all the grass, as far as they can reach, on the outside of their fence so the dirt is getting scratched and thinned. Therefore the fence is not as tight to the ground as it used to be resulting in areas where the ladies can get their heads under it. This particular area that she got stuck in was the area that they like to take dust baths in. They have managed to created holes to roll in near the fence which makes the ability to get under the fence, and stuck in it, much more prone to happening.

Despite this incident, the ladies are all doing fine. I get, on average, a dozen eggs per day and everyone seems happy and healthy. I have started letting them out into the yard about 1/2 hour before dusk so they can forge for bugs, which they seem to love. They put themselves to bed which is nice and I don’t have to chase them all over the yard that much.

Finn, my only lady from the 12 chicks we got this past spring with the black tale, is a very large lady. She is the biggest chicken in the flock, even bigger than the older ladies. Here she is, looking concerned but confident:

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