Thursday, August 12


Every once and a while this happens.

A chipmunk climbs up the bird feeder and gets inside of it and gobbles food into his little cheeks, making them very big cheeks.

Then he can't get out through the not so big opening that he came in through. Rather than give up his stash, he sat in the feeder, plotting his escape.

The little man and I were lounging and resting in the back yard. I should say that I was resting and he was making a mess with pails of water. Then he saw the chipmunk in the low hanging feeder.

The chipmunk did not freak out or anything and just sat there, inside the feeder.

After a little bit I felt sorry for him and I gently took the feeder off its hook and carefully opened the top.

Chippy flew out of the feeder, sprinted across the yard, and disappeared into the cedar bushes.

That was today’s entertainment.

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