Tuesday, August 31

Start With One and Trust Yourself

As I am fixing dinner, I sometimes have the little television on and tuned to the evening news. A little while ago I heard news, while boiling some pasta, that there was a recall of eggs.

And that is when I stopped listening and went pack to my pasta.

This is just another example of why i am glad we are doing more for ourselves around here. Our ladies are producing about a dozen eggs a day. Enough to keep us, family members and some of our neighbors supplied indefinitely. We know what the ladies eat, where they roam for grass and bugs and we know that they have access to clean, fresh food and water. We are no longer part of the factory egg system.

When we decided to pay more attention to our food and where it comes from, we not only ate better, but as we learned more about food origins. We became hyper-sensitive to labels, to chemicals, and to news about recalls and dangers. And we were, and are, glad that we made the change to local, organic and carefully chosen foods.

Not to get into the details of all of our food consumption in this post but I can not tell you how good it felt to know that we did not have to worry about the egg recall. I feel bad for all those people who have gotten sick because of this. It is a horrible reality in this country - when we use methods that are nothing more than an assembly line for meat, eggs and dairy, there are bound to be problems. I am hoping that this occurrence with the eggs will lead more people to choose a more organic and local route. It only needs to start with one item - your eggs, or your meat or your veggies. Then just let it grow from there.

My "one item" wasn't even food. It was Tylenol. The car accident where my back was broken was 6 years ago, and things have healed nicely with all of the rods and bolts in my spine. but there are days when I totally over-do it in the garden or around the house and I need a little help. I used to take Tylenol PM before bed on those days. One night I woke up at 2am after taking the PM and I spent the rest of the night on the bathroom floor, periodically throwing up. Turns out there was a recall and this bottle made it into our house. I threw it out the next day, along with other items in our medicine cabinet that I just didn't even want to take anymore, recall or not.

I am too trusting. I "trust" or "assume" that companies, and the people who run them, have our interests and safety in mind when they make products. I trust in quality control and common sense. I just think that when the guy who makes Tylenol PM comes home at night after a long day, he would not have any reservations about taking some himself. I am sad to admit that this is not the case, as you all know. And on some level I always knew this. But I just wanted to have faith that people will do the right thing.

the right thing, as it turns out, is to still trust, but to trust in yourself.

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