Monday, August 16

Poultry Comedy

The other day, the little man and I decided to watch some poultry television. Turns out a comedy was on.

Little man loves the ladies, and I am not just talking about the waitresses he charms in every restaurant we go to. He loves his 'chickies'. He loves it when we go outside and I say "Let’s go see the chickies!"

He sits next to the pen and watches them flock to him as if he has food for them. they sometimes peck at his shoes and he just watches them and talks in a language I cannot yet understand.

Little guy also loves bubbles and we have numerous jars of bubble mix sitting on tables around the yard. He is fascinated with the wands and likes to carry them around with him, blowing imaginary bubbles. And sticking the wand through the coop fence so the ladies can study it.

Then a lady grabbed it.

And the chase was on.

I retrieved the wand before any of the ladies could actually get a piece of it and swallow it, but for a few minutes, we enjoyed the best episode of poultry television comedy ever.

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