Tuesday, August 24

Hello, Fall????

Picture by Masha D'yans

Hello? Fall?

Are you on your way? I caught a little taste of you the other day when it was chill and the air was crisp. I happily broke out my favorite flannel shirt and relished in the warmth and comfort it provided.

The black-eyed-susans are still in bright bloom so I know that you are not quite ready to make your full appearance. Showing all your colors that I look forward to all year. There are still tomatoes and beans to harvest and the roses are giving one last effort. So, I know you will be here soon, but not quite yet.

That is ok. Take your time. I know that before I know it, I will be sitting by a campfire in my yard, wrapped in a flannel and a quilt. One day soon, I will wake up and I will sense that you are here - the air will be crisp and chill and there will be a scent in the air that will be all the proof I need.

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