Wednesday, August 18

Garden Update

Despite my lack of attention to the garden and the past couple of weeks, it has been producing. Tomatoes are the big hit this season, by far. A few bad years and i knew it would turn around this year.

The peas are done as well as the cucumbers so i will be cleaning them out this week. I am hoping against hope for the potatoes however, since the plants look all but dead and gone. I don’t think I am going to find any potatoes worth keeping when I dig them.

On a brighter note, I finally grew corn. I have a total of 16 stalks and three ears coming along nicely. I know that doesn't sound like much but it is a big accomplishment for me since I have not been able to grow any corn since I started gardening.

We also have, for the first time, grapes. We planted the vines a few years ago and this year we finally have something growing on them that resembles a grape.

I am also happy to report that I will not be spending a small fortune for fall decor this year as I have a garden full of gourds and squash. I may have to by a big pumpkin or two since I have yet to see anything resembling a pumpkin growing.

I am happy with this year’s garden, however, I do not think I will ever be fully satisfied. Every season I learn new things that change how I will do things in the next season. For instance, this is a great season for tomatoes and I am happy with this except for the cages. I am using those metal circle wire cages because that is what I had and I didn’t want to buy anything new. They are horrible. They do not go into the ground far enough due to rocks or whatever and they tip over with the weight of the plants. I currently have a very hodge-podge system of twine and stakes holding everything up long enough for tomatoes to ripen. So next season, I am going to have to do something different. Suggestions?

PS - Please, no more zuchinni!!!!


  1. We got one year a couple of the three sided wire cages. They are nice because they collapse flat for storage and seem to go down into the ground better. They are made of thicker wire. Wish we would have gotten some more though! You can stake them with sticks but they fall over with those too.

  2. I got problems also with my enormously growing zucchini. Sometimes I just sell it in my neighbors but my friend suggested preserving it. Preserve zucchini taste good too and it is a best way to keep your zucchini fresh.

  3. OH. The grapes are so tempting! I wanna lie down underneath that grape bundle and eat them one by one! LOL. Just kidding! Thanks for posting these photos. It just inspired me to pay more time for my garden and see if I can grow some grapes too.

  4. The grapes make me thirst! We also have grapes here in our garden and I can’t wait to harvest them. All of your plants look great and the corn makes me jealous. I have problems with corns they are small and I don’t know why.