Monday, August 30

90 Degrees in the Shade

Fall is definitely not here yet. Last week offered a little taste but today we are back up to 90 degrees in the shade. Even though it looks like a great day to be outside in the grass and running around after the little guy, once you get out there, it's not. Hot, sticky and humid with only the slightest of breezes, intermittently.

It is however a good day for laundry and I have all the lines full plus the extra extension line running from the pole to the cat pen. We tried to hang around outside and we managed to make a go of it for about an hour and a half. Then it just got to be too much. At least we were home in our own yard and not at the park, and we could just come inside.

The heat has managed to do both bring out some good and wilt most everything else. My black-eyed-susans, butterfly bushes and Japanese anemone are all bursting with blooms and attracting lots of bees and butterflies. There are a few roses trying to put on one last show - I have a climbing white by the barn and a red by the house.

Unfortunately, most everything else seems to be in a state of remission. Even the hostas are looking a little droopy. My purple cone flower is a duller, wilty example of its former self and the bee balm has just about run out.

The tomatoes are still going well, even though they are being held up by a series of twine, stakes and squash vines. We are getting quite a few baskets full and more are coming. I will have a nice selection of gourds and squash with which to decorate the house this fall which will save us some hard-earned cash at the garden centers. Oh, how I am looking forward to fall......

So, other than the changes in the yard and garden, things are pretty much normal here. Nice and quiet with the baby and me. We try to fill the day with fun and interesting things - playing in the yard, watching poultry television, baking, napping and reading books. His actual television watching has been restricted to one half hour of Curious George, which he is crazy about. And since we have gotten rid of the cable, my television watching has gone way down.

Quite the boring blog post this time but I am just glad I can say nothing instead of having to report something bad.

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