Monday, July 19

Starting to Freak me Out

This is the coyote that has been hanging around the house and property, and pretty much the neighbor’s properties as well. He is still young and not afraid of people. His broad daylight escapades are become more frequent and he seems to just stroll around the yard and fields, and even takes leisurely walks down the middle of the road.

He is cute and interesting but the initial curiosity and excitement of having a coyote in the yard has totally worn off. I will not do anything to hurt him, unless he comes at me or the baby, but I will not just let him have the run of the place either.

Yesterday I was hanging around the yard with the little guy. He was deeply involved in stirring water in a bucket with his blue plastic garden shovel and I was lounging in a chair watching poultry television and blowing soap bubbles. This was in the side yard, which is divided from the house by a clump or cedar trees, some bittersweet bushes and the shade garden. There is a little mulched path that runs between the two bittersweet bushes and that is how we go back and forth.

The little guy decided to head for the house so I followed him up the little path. And there he was - right where I was just sitting, by the chickens and the zucchini plants. The baby was up by the driveway so he was safe and I ran towards the coyote, clapped my hands loudly and said "Get away from my chickens!!!!" I almost thought about adding "But please, take some zucchini!". He ran towards the road and I hoped there was not a car coming. There wasn't and he jumped into the side field. Encounter Number 1 was over. No problems. Just a little unnerving.

The little man did not want to go back in the house now, not when there was a nice "doggie" in the yard. We wandered back down to the veggie garden and picked some peas. I kept my eye out for the coyote. The little guy is 26lbs and this is a small coyote but, regardless, I kept a look-out. It seemed we were good until I looked up from the tomato plant I was re-staking and there he was again. Mischievously peeking at me from behind another row of cedar bushes. He was stalking me! A peeping Tom! (I am calling him Tom now, even though I know I should not name wild animals after the woodchuck incident). He was a lot closer to me then I would have liked and the baby was behind me by the cold frames trying to water the glass tops with his mini-watering can. I turned around, grabbed him, and headed toward the house. Problem was, this also happened to be the direction if the coyote but I didn't have a choice. He saw me coming at him, with a probable look of crazy-mother-protecting-baby look on my face, and took off across the road and into the neighbor’s corn field.
Encounter Number 2. I'm done. Too close to me and the baby for comfort.

I do not know if he would hurt us. I think he is just young and curious. I am not going to take any chances though. I am not feeding him or encouraging him in any way and I hope that once he gets older, he will realize that it is not safe to be strolling around in the middle of the day, out in the open.

Remarkably, I have not seen any sign that he has even approached the chickens.

I don't want to hurt him or totally freak him out but I want him to take the hint that he can't be around here.

Any suggestions? (he doesn't seem to like zucchini so I could annoy him by offering it constantly like ladies at church).

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  1. Whoa. That's pretty close.
    i have no idea what to do. All I know about coyotes I learned during Saturday morning cartoons in the 1980s...