Wednesday, July 7

Resolution Review

New Year's Resolution Progress Report

Concious Choices: Yes, we have been sticking to this one. We have developed a family budget. If it is not in the budget, we do not buy it. We are not starving, we are not going without necessities, and we are, most importantly, not broke at the end of each month!

I have been thinking about all the junk I used to buy just because it was on sale or on clearance or because I just HAD to have it. I do not need it. It is just more stuff to junk up the house, take up space, and end up in a landfill some day. When I want to buy something I actually stand there in the store and think about it. Do I really need this? Is it reasonably priced? Where was it made? What are the ingredients/materials? Is it durable or well made? Will I really use it?

At first I thought this would be horrible - resulting in me getting less stuff. That is true - I have drastically cut down on the amount of "stuff' that I purchase. And I am ok with it. I make selections and purchases now. I do not just blindly go out and buy stuff.

I feel more connected to the things that I buy now in that I have thought about the purchase and made room for it in the budget. It is not just a random fling purchase. It means something to go to the store now. When we are walking around the grocery store, I can look at the items in the cart and feel good about buying them. Quality items with ingredients we can pronounce for the most part.

We have also started cleaning out. Things we don't need, use, want or have room for are being donated to Goodwill. I have cleaned out at least 4 garbage bags full of clothes and shoes that I never wear and that were taking up space. In the process, I found things that I had forgotten about, which was a nice surprise.

On the whole, I am happy with this resolution. We are saving money by not buying things we do not need, we feel good about the purchases we do make, and in turn, we can use that money to pay off debt.

Food: Still working on this one. I have tried oranges and blueberries so far. Next step, melon.

Less is More:
Less tv = check! The cable is cancelled. We are down to local stations. I am totally ok with this.
Less processed food = mini-check! (still working on it but I love mac and cheese and I am addicted to diet pepsi).
Less stressing over things I cannot change = tiny-check. I am still having trouble with this, but the more time I spend in the garden, the more I am starting to understand how simple this really is.
Less caring about what other people think about me = BIG-check!! I have finally let this go!!! Not that i am lacking in basic human hygiene or anything but, hey, if I am out in the yard with holes in my jeans, a dirty t-shirt and muck boot, hair a mess and covered in chicken poo and mud, who cares! I don't! I don't care about what the lady in line at Wegmans thinks about me carrying on a conversation with my 16 month old about rice puffs. And I am not afraid to say "no".
Less being snippy with my husband after I have had a bad day = regular old check. I am making a conscious effort.

I wish I could also include that I have lost the 30 lbs of baby weight but so far I can only say that I have lost 4lbs. Maybe less processed food will help.

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