Tuesday, July 6

Quiet Days

One of my new favorite blogs is Little House on the Southern Prairie

A while ago, there was the following post:

I know I can’t be the only one
May 25, 2010
Who has days when it feels like life is simplest and happiest when I

(1) Do not leave the house. Life is nice here. Go out? Chances of becoming annoyed increase exponentially.

(2) Do not have to interact with people I don’t like. And the list of who I like is short.

Who has these days? I know I do. In fact, it is just about every day.

I like quiet. It is one of the essential homesteading necessities for me. No people shouting, no phones ringing, ne loud cars going by blasting loud music. I don't even want to hear the washing machine running at times. I just like quiet. It is peaceful and it makes me happy. I can think and appreciate things.

That said, I am not an anti-social fanatic. I go shopping, I visit friends and family, and I have a social life, all be it a small one. Since I lost my job, became a Mom, and started with all this homesteading, I have come to appreciate a day spent at home. No errands, the ringer on the phone turned way down, and hanging out the laundry on the line in flip flops and a sun-dress.

I like being at home. I don't see why more people do not appreciate this. The way I see it, people work so hard to have nice homes. They pay high mortgages, utility bills and the like, only to be away from their home for most of the day, working to have that nice home. I know it is necessary, but it still seems a little sad.

But the most important thing to me is the quiet. And when I do go out and about, chances of becoming annoyed DO increase exponentially. I am bothered by things that most other people are not. Garbage on the side of the road, people hanging out on corners and you know they are not just taking a walk, obnoxiously loud bass music from the little sports car, and sometimes just the sheer number of people that make it impossible to maneuver a shopping cart through the deli section at Wegmans.

The best example I can give is this: when I had the baby, I was in the house for about 2 months taking care of him. It was winter so I didn't go outside in the yard. I was recovering from the c-section surgery so I really did not feel like going out and about. The house was quiet, except for normal baby crying. The first time I went to the store by myself for groceries I experienced a form of culture shock. It sounded like someone turned out the volume on the world. The worst part was getting a shopping cart from the rows outside the store and an employee pushed in a whole line of them from the parking lot. They shammed into the cart corral thing and I swear that it was so loud to my ears that I felt my teeth rattle. This a loud noise on any day, but it felt like every noise I was hearing was amplified by 100.

We are so used to the noise of the world. I feel bombarded every time I go somewhere, even now that I am used to things again.

Life is good here.

Am I the only one who feels like this?

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  1. no you are not the only one. I feel the same way. I work from home and everyone was worried when I said I was going to work from home. They thought I would be lonely. Sometimes I do feel lonely but then I go outside and just breath, that's all just breath and feel the sun on my face...it's all good :)