Sunday, July 11

Public Television and Panic Attacks

Our cable tv is officialy gone. It has been for about a week and I wanted to wait at least that long before taking an objective look.

The first morning I almost had a panic attack. No CNN with breakfast. No perky Robin Mead to alert me to all the horrible things that happened in the world while I was sleeping. For about 10 minutes, all I could think of was how boring the day would be. "What am I going to do!?!?"

Then I came to my senses.

And I am very happy with our decision to go 'public'. Local stations are fine. I have freed up numerous blocks of time in the day and I have actually managed to finish two books, some sewing projects and a knitting project. All from not plunking my butt down in front of the tube in the afternoon. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Little House on the Prairie, but I have seen just about every episode.

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  1. Good for is easier on the budget for sure!