Saturday, July 3

The Progressing Garden

I have been spending most of my available time in the garden lately; because it is starting to produce some, well, produce. And because I just love it. Absolutely love it. It is my favorite time of the day - when I get to be out in the garden, pulling weeds, picking peas, mourning over my dreadful corn crop, and smelling that tomato smell.

Something about it just makes me feel wonderful, so very alive and part of something. I am happy when I am out and about in the yard, working on projects, or just taking a wander through the rows of plants.

I put in two zucchini (one was supposed to be yellow but it seems like I ended up with two green ones). I do not like zucchini but for some reason I feel as though I HAVE to plant it. A summer garden in Upstate NY is not a garden without zucchini. Garrison Keillor says July is the only time of year when country people lock our cars in the church parking lot, so people won't put (zucchini)squash on the front seat. I can see why. My two plants are already producing more than I can make bread out of. Anyone have any good zucchini recipes?

I have 37 tomato plants. That’s right, 37. Roy loves tomatoes. And since I have always had not the greatest luck with starting them from seeds, I planted more than I needed and, hence, 37 healthy tomato plants. Partly in thanks to the milk jug cloche system, we will be able to make our first pasta sauce for canning this season. Our first time canning anything! I am very excited about this and recently purchased a book entitles You Can Can!. Not only does it look visually interesting, the title suggests that even I can actually can!

But it is not all good news.... above is a picture of my pitiful corn crop. Out of 4 rows of corn, this is all I got. Yes, this picture shows the entire corn crop. Corn has never done well here. I have tried planting it in different areas of the garden, different types of seeds... But every year we end up at Wegmans paying $1 of 4 ears. Maybe I will at least get some nice dried stalks come fall decorating time.

This is the first year we have tried cucumbers and they seem to be taking on very well! These two will be ready to harvest in a few days. i was hoping for enough to make pickles but I am not sure since we only have 4 plants and only one if flowering and producing at the moment. Time will tell.

I love a veggie that also gives me some pretty flowers. Peas are a mixed blessing. I like peas and I love the long rows of staked up vines, always yielding a small harvest every day. Since the harvest is small however, it takes a while to get enough to make peas a side dish at dinner. Both Roy and the little guy like them raw so they will be shucking out in the garden and eating. Snowy actually likes to eat the empty pods - she begs for them! If she didn't like hotdogs so much, I would say she is a vegetarian.

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  1. I love cucumber and zucchini....I have tons of recipes!!! My very favorite for cucumbers is simple.
    3-4 cucumbers, peeled and sliced
    1 white or purple onion sliced
    2 cups of each: sugar, vinegar and water
    Layer onions and cucumbers in pretty jar and when packed tight cover with the liquid mixture.
    Store in fridge!!
    Best ever!

    Your garden looks great!!