Wednesday, July 14

Peas, Bees and Monster Zucchini

My monster zucchini.

Today Mom came over to watch the little guy while I did a ton of overdue housework. The house was in desperate, drastic need of a good cleaning and i got it sparkling from top to bottom today - thank you Mom!!!

With that done and feeling good, I decided to head out to the garden after the little guy was in bed for the night to get a few more things done.

The peas are growing like crazy so I got out the big stakes and got them all tied up and off the ground. They are producing a ton of juicy peas which we all love. The zucchini is also producing, which I do not necessarily love. It gives me a sense of gardening pride in that I can grow a plant from a seed that can grow so fast and make so many little zucchinis - that grow into such big zucchinis. I am growing things that do well and I have something to show for it.

But I really, really do not like zucchini. There is only so much that my friends and family can take. The chickens like them though - I took a few of the big ones, sliced them and up and threw them in the coop pen. There was a little chicken fist-fight over it and the show was priceless.

With the peas staked, I had time to start the weeding and began on the row of overgrown potatoes. It was getting towards dusk and I hear the coyote pups barking and playing together in the back woods. The bugs were buzzing and the mosquitoes were hovering, trying to vain to find a chink in my bug-spray armor. By 9pm, I had weeded only one row but the chickens were putting themselves to bed in their cozy coop and I thought it might be time for me to do the same.

A note, speaking of bugs - the magnolia tree is still totally infested with bees. I had to make a wide circle around it on the way down the driveway to collect the empty recycling bins tonight. I could hear a hum coming from the tree.

Still so much to do here but it felt good to get a little done. Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 90's again with high humidity so I am thinking it will be an inside day.

Tomorrows project - Mom has requested me rocking chair cushions from some of my new fabric.

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