Wednesday, July 21

Naps and Storms

The thunder is rumbling across upstate NY this afternoon, turning the sky dark and sending the much needed rain to my tomatoes and cukes. I sit here in the living room with a cat curled up on the footstool, listening to the thunder shake the panes in the old farm windows and hoping that it does not wake up the baby. I savor my peace and quiet time, and even though I love the thunder, I love it when the baby is napping just a little bit more.

He's been having a tough time of it lately, which means we all have. His teeth are still coming in, even though I don’t know how he can fit any more in there, which leads to fussiness and interrupted sleeping. He is constantly in a state of transition since he is growing and changing so fast that once we get a schedule down and a routine established, it must change. Pushing the boundaries has been his new thing lately and boy, does he take it to the last little limit. I am constantly saying words like "no", "stop it", "get down" and "come here". it seems like that is all I say lately and it is getting a little stressful here. Does he even love me at all or does he think I am just here to amuse him?

So sitting here in the late afternoon, thunder rolling across the sky, I am soaking up the quiet. He is napping. The cats and the dog are napping too. I have turkey de-thawing in the kitchen for the pasta and meatballs we are having tonight. I forgot to defrost the bread dough.

The rain is a welcome relief in that my veggies are looking a little wilt-y and my magnolia tree can use a good, long rain bath to wash that fungus stuff off the branches. The bees are still swarming like crazy and it is impossible to mow or trim, or even walk by, that tree. Vicious little suckers! Go pollinate my tomatoes and leave the poor magnolia alone. The chickens also welcome a good rain, since it brings out the bugs. Happy little scavengers all hoping to find the best meal.

And I am happy to see the rain myself, not just for the plants and the chickens, but because I have been waiting for it. The weather man keeps saying there will be rain. Thunder showers even! Tempting me with storms and lightning. But then there is nothing. It goes to the south of us or it curves up to the northeast. My husband calls from work in the southern tier to say that it is pouring so hard he cannot see out the windows while the sun is shining here. I wonder why he must be so mean to me.

But not today. The rain his here and the thunder is booming and I am enjoying every minute I can.

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  1. WE had thunder rain. A nap on a rainy day sounds divine!