Thursday, July 29

Kitty Vacation

Last weekend I headed to Stuben County to drop prince off at Grandmas. Prince was due for a vacation. He is an old kitty and not totally sold on the idea of having a toddler in the house. He is tolerant but just plain crabby. And I do not feel that I am giving him all the attention that he deserves and that he is accustomed to.

He has been to Grandma's before and loves it. There all cats are treated like kings and want for nothing - unlimited attention, walks on a leash in the woods, outdoor pens with live catnip. It's a great place for a kitty vacation. He is going to hang out there for awhile and relax.

The ride was eventful since prince does not like to travel and we stopped twice to clean up the carrier. Apparently someone forgot to use the little box before the trip. But upon arrival, he was back to his old self and ready to enjoy his surroundings and the other cats, his cousins.

Junior, a cousin.

I stayed for lunch and a visit and they did not have to twist my arm. I love their home - the 'farm.' Lunch was leftover pizza for me which is just about my favorite, while my Grandparents had something called 'sandwich loaf.'

See photo below:

Has anyone ever heard of this? It is like a huge layered sandwich with tuna, egg salad, ham salad, peanut butter and jelly and something else i am forgetting. It is all covered with sour cream frosting. I can say right now that the only thing I would like to eat out of all this would be the peanut butter. How can someone eat something with so many flavors competing with each other? How many calories are in this???? Look at how thick that frosting is!!!! None for me, thanks.

After lunch, Grandma and I went for a walk around the property. Lots to see - pond, woods, fields, etc. We saw a fawn in the tall grass and a red finch, which I do not have at my house. And we saw bear poo. Yep. Bear poo. Not as mind-blowing as I thought it would be. Not to get too gross here but it was smaller than I thought would come from such a large animal. And yes, I took a picture. Don’t ask me why. I was high on a day away from home and being able to spend it at the farm.

Bear poo.

I did not want to go home. I love the peace and quiet at their house. Acres upon acres to explore, a dirt road where maybe 5 cars go by per day, and I could totally wear my jammies out to collect the eggs if I wanted to.

I drove home in my truck, windows down, singing along with Tom Petty. Not a whole album, just one song. The perfect driving song. Free Falling. I don’t even really like Tom Petty. But that song is perfect for me right now. When I get to be alone in the truck with the windows down and the weather is nice and I know that the drive is at least an hour one way.

And I got to see come cool windmills too.

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