Monday, July 5

Gotta Love a Remnant Sale!

Roy's company was having this clearing-out sale for all of their extra upholstery fabric. I was unable to make it down to the factory so he picked up a few rolls for me. He told me that he thought it was $1 a yard so I was hoping for some nice pieces that I could make some reusable shopping bags out of or something.

Turns out it was $1 a roll. A whole roll for just $1. They had a TON of fabric remnants to get rid of. And there is quite a bit left on each roll.

I am very happy right now. I LOVE fabric. I wish I knew how to make clothes from a pattern. (I am going to make that next year’s resolution).

I am a little overwhelmed. I have 9 huge rolls of fabric here. What should I make?

Keep in mind that this is all upholstery fabric so it is heavy and thick. Not good for clothes. I am thinking canvas shopping bags, a few aprons out of the not-as-heavy stuff, and there is one striped roll that I think would make a great tablecloth with matching placemats. Maybe some curtains?
Suggestions please!

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  1. definitely curtains and maybe some new cushions for the couch?