Tuesday, August 10

Gastritis and Laura Days

Sunday, August 1st, was when I knew I had a problem. I had been feeling out of sorts for a few months actually, but I just chalked it up to stress, not getting enough sleep and other little things. I ignored the nausea and the headaches and the dizzy spells. But while on the way to my Grandparents farm on the 1st, I started feeling bad.

Really bad.

I spent all day there on the couch and hauling myself around to the bathroom and attempts to participate in the roofing project. By the time I got home, I knew something was not right. Monday was worse. And Tuesday even worse than that. It got to the point where I could not even move. I was very dizzy, extremely weak, the nausea was horrible and I was, let’s just say it, on the toilet- a lot.

My husband noticed that I was in trouble, cancelled a business trip and took me to emergency. I spent all day Tuesday, had a CT scan and blood tests there and had to go back Wednesday for an Upper Endoscopy procedure. Not all that horrible but I just felt so bad that it made things worse.

Turns out I have Gastritis and Duodenitis. Both pretty painful and gross. I was not getting many, if any, nutrients from the food and liquids I had been consuming for months which lead to a gradual slowdown of my entire body. Sunday was the day when my body said it just couldn't go any more.

They are doing more tests and I may also have Helicobacter pylori, a nasty like bacterial infection that needs to be treated with some major antibiotics. But now I am just playing the waiting game. Waiting for test results and waiting to feel better.

I have been making slow but steady progress, for which I am grateful. I need to take care of things around here, most especially the little guy. Mom and Roy have been helping out a great deal, for which I am also very grateful.

But maybe the most maddening thing about all this was that I missed Laura Ingalls Wilder Days. I was really looking forward to that and I have been reading about the weekend’s events on a blog that I follow. I missed Dean Butler and William Anderson. I missed seeing all the great artifacts that they had on display. Very disappointed does not even begin to describe how I felt.

I like to think that everything happens for a reason, but most of the time I don't believe it. Most of the time, I just get mad and upset when things do not work out as I planned. But this time, even though I am disappointed, I know that I need to get better before anything else.

Maybe next year.....

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  1. So glad you went to the er before it got even worse! Hope all the antibiotics get you feeling better. Did they put you on a special diet?