Thursday, July 1

Durable Flowers

The durable flowers of summer have arrived - they can tolerate the heat much better than the peonies and even the roses are dying back. I have a few light pinks hanging on and I have my Climbing White Dawn going crazy on the dog’s fence. Despite my best wishes and hopes, the japanese beetles are back and having a great time snacking on the flowers. I shower of white pedals comes down in a breeze.

But I do have some great lilies and the hollyhocks. The black ones were the only ones that came up this year and there seems to be some sort of problem with the leaves - all full of holes and none of the plants are looking that great. But I still got the black flowers which have a slight deep, deep red tint to them. I can't help but think they look a little "greasy".

The yarrow is out and brilliant yellow - i can just tell it loves the hot sunshine. Spring is over and the gardens look a little 'lack of color' at the moment despite the varriety of lilies and that yarrow. Now is the time for the veggies to start coming into their own. More on them later.

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