Saturday, July 10

Bees and the Magnolia Tree

I went to work mowing the lawn late this afternoon since I have been putting it off all week due to the heat wave. Everything was going great until I started mowing around and under my huge magnolia tree in front of the barn. I was then attacked by bees!

I did not know where they were coming from so I drove out of the area as fast as the mower would go and went in the house. Then i did what any good wife would do - ask her husband to go out and take a look.

While the baby and I watched from the safety of the dining room window, Roy went out and looked around the tree and in the tree. He came back in the house and reported that there was huge swarm of all different kinds of bees hanging around the tree. They did not seem to have any type of nest or anything but they were just kind of 'hanging out'.

That part of the lawn did not get mowed today since I did not want to be covered in bee stings.

I looked up this strange occurrence online and discovered that there are some sort of scale insects emitting honeydew that is being covered by sooty mold fungus. Yellow jackets and bees are attracted to the honeydew. The article advised me to use Volk oil or oil/detergent spray to eliminate the scale bug infestation and the rain will slowly eliminate the sooty mold. Since the honeydew is the sustaining nutrient for the sooty mold, removing the critters removes the rest in succession.

More research is needed.....

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