Monday, June 7

The Sidewalk To Nowhere

When we were looking for a new home, I had a list of things that i wanted. I wanted an old house - the older the better. At least 100 years. It had to have room to farm, hardwood floors (original would be a plus) and we had to be able to afford it.

We got everything we wanted in this house, except for one thing. A screened in porch. I wanted a screened in porch for plants and the cats and for comfy chair sitting/reading time. Come to find out that there used to be a screened in porch off the west side of the house, where the kitchen is now. They got rid of it to expand the kitchen, which was actually nice since I like a big kitchen. The sidewalk to what was once the outside porch entrance was still in the yard though and I named it my "sidewalk to nowhere."

It was crumbling and annoying to mow around. (

Me: "I want the sidewalk to nowhere taken up so I can put in a garden".
Roy: "Do you know how thick those slabs are??!!??! It would take forever with a rented jackhammer."

End of debate.

But fate smiled on me as a friend runs Brown Dog Development. I got my mulch for him this year and while we was dumping the brown gold in a pile in the driveway I asked him about the sidewalk.

Me: "Do you have a jackhammer that would take up that sidewalk?"
BDD: "No, but i could just bring the backhoe down and break it up."
Me: "Would you take the chunks of concrete away?"
BDD: "Yep"
Me: "OK, do it."

So easy.

Sidewalk to nowhere gone. Clean fill dirt brought it. Garden planted. I am happy.

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