Monday, June 21

My First Day of Summer Present

The first day of summer, was a pretty good day. The weather was just about perfect - not too hot, not humid, a little breeze. Perfect.

The little man was behaving, we got a lot done, we went for a nice walk and he took a good long nap. And I got do hang out the laundry.

Now, all this by itself would be a chalked up to a pretty good day in my book. But I got a bonus.

While I was hanging out the laundry, I heard a commotion in my neighbor’s barn, which is behind our barn and in plain view of my clothes line. The barn swallows were going crazy - swooping around and screaming at something. I thought it was the wood chuck which lives in the barn but normally, when Mr. Woodchuck ventures out for his meal of grass, they don't go THAT crazy.

Then I wanted as a coyote pup came out of the barn, completely surrounded by barn swallows dive bombing him. He was a little older than a pup, I guess you would call him a coyote teenager. He was beautiful - his tail was not filled in yet and he was a reddish-brown color. He came up my garden of lilies, still surrounded by swooping birds, and headed up my driveway towards me.

He did not see me since I was occupied with the birds. I grabbed my camera from the picnic table and I would have gotten a fantastic shot but the battery was dead!!! I HATE CAMERA BATTIERIES!!!! So all I could do was watch and I guess I can be happy with that.

Note: Picture above was not taken by me.

He was about 25 feet from me, saw me, and froze. He stood there, birds and all, and looked at me and I at him. I took one small step forward and he turned around and half walked/half ran towards the back field, still being swooped down on by birds.

He went all the way out the barn access road, to the main road and across to the corn field. Only then, when he was across the road, did the birds let up.

What a great privilege to have him so close that I could stand a admire him.

But I am not so enthralled as to forget that this was a coyote, cute, but still a coyote. I checked on the chickens, even though he was not near them at all. The girls were all in their coop, as I guess they sense danger and went to their safe place. Good girls.

Good day today.