Saturday, June 12

My Day

Today is my day. Since Roy will not be here tomorrow due to work obligations, and tomorrow being my birthday, he said I get today for me. Anything I want to do (within budget, which isn't much, but at least it is something).

I was the in garden. I had Roy out there with the tiller and we were working the weeds and surveying the plants and getting things done. The corn has started out pitifully this year, as did the beans. Out of 4 rows of corn only about 1/2 a row germinated. Same with the beans. Since I have never had good luck with corn, i am not surprised. the beans, however, make me sad. I have always had excellent luck with beans. Even when nothing else went right in the garden, like last year, i could always count on there being beans. I absolutely could not kill them.

My peas are doing well though as are the potatoes and the white onions. My goal for these next few days are to get some more potatoes in as well as some red onions. The tomatoes are doing very well, to my surprise as are the hot peppers. the green bell peppers are still very small so I am hoping that they have some sort of growth spurt any day now. I managed to get the rest of my starter squash plants in the other night and the zucchini and cucumber plants are spreading. I really don't even like zucchini, but what is a garden without a few big green zucchinis mixed in there!?!?

I have still been using the metal tomato cages even though I really don't like them. They are hard to get into the ground if it is even a little rocky and they just don't seem to work the way I like. I am searching for a more sustainable alternative for all of my climbing veggies - this season I made a fence for my beans instead of the tepees I usually use. I think this will allow for more even climbing and it has already proven to save garden space and tilling time.

i want to try something like this for the tomatoes - something that I can take apart and re-use every year. I have a ton of pine trees with the long 'arms', the dead ones being nice and straight and great for poles. i think this is the route I will try next - some sort of pole/fence system that I can take apart and store over the winter. But I will use the metal ones until they break since I don't just want to throw them away. I am very much into reusing anything I can and I can usually make it look half way decent and not like a big crazy hodge-podge of leftovers. Just another step to living a more responsible life.

One last note on the edible gardens, I did not get a single strawberry this year. I moved the plants from the vegetable garden area over to the front of the barn in with the roses since they got more hot, direct sunlight. The plants did very well and I would have had a nice little strawberry crop if the birds would have left them alone. Note to self: next year get some poultry netting and make a little strawberry cage.

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