Friday, June 25

Mouse in the House

I am not a stranger to a mouse or two in the house. It happens. Especially when it's an old house and two out of my three cats are so over-fed and "portly" that they could have a mouse come and sit on the end of their nose without a second thought.

Cheese, my youngest, still finds a thrill or two in chasing a mouse. One night last week I was awakened in the middle of the night to the cries of a young mouse doing its best to escape from Cheese. She had it cornered under the elliptical machine, and since I wanted sleep and not a mess to clean up in the morning, I corralled Cheese long enough for the little mouse to get away and find refuge under the steamer trunk.

Some of you might say that it is not a great thing to have mice in one's home. I would agree. But I can live with the occasional mouse in that he or she usually meets his or her end in a short period of time by way of the cat.

Or I find a way to catch the mouse and put it outside rather than kill it, via cat.

This was the case the other night.

We were watching tv on one of our last night’s of having cable when all of a sudden, "squeak, squeak, squeak."

Cheese had cornered a small dark gray mouse in a pile of shoes. It took a little time but the mouse managed to get away and run under the couch. I did not really want to sit on a couch with a mouse under it and a frantic cat trying her best to get under said couch, so I went in the other room.

Roy called me back a few minutes later and I arrived to see the mouse, half way up my living room drapes. Cheese had not seen the mouse yet or she would have also been swinging from the drapes at this point. We grabbed the baby's toy drum, flipped it upside-down, caught the mouse in it and released him outside to the wilds.

Thus is the excitement we can look forward to on our nights without cable tv in the future.

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