Thursday, June 17

A Good Reason Not to Name Them.

A couple of days ago, I posted about my aniamls, both wild and farm. I mentioned how I restrained myself from naming the woodchucks and the other wild babies for a few reasons.
So this morning when I got up with the little man, I wondered over to the front door and watched "the woodchuck" munching on grass in my front yard. I little closer to the road than i would have liked but, he is not my pet and he has free will. I watched him eat for a few minutes, was happy he was there and went to get breakfast.
A while later, when Roy was up and getting ready to leave for work, I let Snowy out the front door on her line and saw the woodchuck laying in the road, hit by a car. I was so absolutely sad - I had just been watching him eat and enjoying the fact that he chose to eat my grass and let me watch him. It had made me happy, as it does every day. And now he was gone, in a span of just a hour.
I told Roy about him and that I had just been watching him. Roy said "I'm sorry. Sometimes it is just a cruel world."
This was a big woodchuck. There is no way that you could be driving down the road and a) not see him and, b) not feel something when you hit him. I just wonder about the kind of people who can just go on driving without stopping. Or, I am reminded of another time when I saw an empty tow truck hit a deer and while the poor deer was laying on the side of the road, thrashing in pain, the guy was more concerned about his undercarriage. Not that he could have done anything to ease the pain of the deer, unless he happened to have a gun. In fact, there was not much he could have done but it just seemed so heartless to me to now even show a bit of concern and glance in the deer’s direction.

Roy went out to the road in his good work clothes with the snow shovel and moved the woodchuck to the field tall with weeds and flowers across the road. We both noticed that when we saw the woodchucks belly, that it was in fact a girl and that she had babies somewhere. I only hope that the other woodchucks I have seen around the same outbuilding are her babies and they are all old enough to survive on their own. I will mention it to my neighbor in hopes that she will keep an eye out for them.

But Roy is right, this is a cruel world. I know it is also full of good and wonderful things and that the laws of nature include death. It just seems so wrong when that death comes not from a natural predator, but from a speeding sport utility.

This incident and I think a buildup of other small incidents that strike a sour note with me, have confirmed my recent thoughts that we are not far enough out. This area, although agricultural, is turning suburban. Not that we are moving any time soon - we love it here. But some day, we might want to go out where the roads are dirt, you don't have to worry about the neighbors teenagers hanging around, and you might not have to worry about Crosstown development coming to destroy the landscape with cheaply built modern houses. At least not in my lifetime, hopefully.

This cruel world makes me cynical.

I do not necessarily think this is a bad thing.

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