Tuesday, June 1

Falcon Cam

Just one of the neat things that I think is fun - the Falcon Cam on the Kodak Building in Rochester.

Right now I am being stared down by mamma as the babies are curling up together in a big fluffy ball of sleep in the background.

Something about this gives me a little hope. With all the horrible things going on every day here and around the world (which i really try not to think about or pay attention to), here is this family of falcons going about what they have done for generation upon generation. Ideally they would be in the wild woods in a tree or something but I guess being up high on the safety of a tall building is ok too. This marriage of the technological world and the natural world can be a horrific one at times, but this seems to be a good thing.

It makes me think there might be hope for us all.

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