Sunday, June 27

An Exceptional Egg

I don't know how it is with most people who keep chickens but I think it is an exciting adventure. Maybe after I have had them for a longer period of time, it will not be such a thrill to check for eggs or to hold a chicken on my lap. But for now, and I think it WILL actually last forever, I love this whole chicken keeping business.

The neat stuff just keeps coming. Today I found this egg - it was HUGE!!!! It bottomed out the egg scale.

I placed it on the table next to an egg, the size we usually get:

I was still awestruck so I broke out the ruler:

And then, Roy wanted an omelet. So I thought I should use 'monster egg', and it turned out to be a double yolk! The surprises just keep coming!

These are the things that fill my day. Now that I am a home-maker/'lite' homesteader, I spend a lot of time, well, here at the home. And I love it! I do not miss my job and I dread having to run errands. Yes, we are doing with less but it is ok. My favorite part of the day is the trip out to the garden and the chicken coop. Connor eats raw, shelled peas right for the garden, standing next to me, waiting for his serving of fresh produce.

My days are chickens, gardens, hanging laundry on the line and lounging with the little guy in the lawn chairs. I love my full days. And I love the coop surprises.

I am worried about one thing however. How on earth did one of my ladies lay that egg!!??!?!?!

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