Sunday, June 6

Evil Chicken

I was hoping, that when I acquired my flock, they would welcome my presence, let me pet them and sit on my lap. That they would listen to my troubles and cluck softly in understanding. That they would be happy and healthy and loving and wonderful little examples of well-mannered chickens.

I was mostly right, I am happy to report. I have one golden comet who is all dark brown in color with streaks of black in her tail. She sat on my lap and I got to pet her like a cat. I think this is just so cool, and I don’t care if it makes me weird. I fully integrated the flock this past weekend since they have just about done it themselves anyway with the fence-hopping antics of the younger generation. There was the expected pecking order dance but everyone seems to be getting along well.

There is however, one exception. Isn't there always just that one exception in just about any situation? She is a mean lady, this one. One of the six older ladies, she has always been a little cantankerous and just a bit strange. She is missing some feathers on her rear end area and this seems to make her angry at the world.

She is not viciously aggressive but she does not hesitate to put all the other girls in their place and she seems to have a dislike for my black muck boots. She will come right at me every time I venture into the coop for egg retrieval or font refilling, and she goes for the legs. Peck, peck, peck.

It does not hurt, mind you, and she may just be thinking that my leg is a garden. See, I have a big tattoo on my lower left leg of poppies and blossoms and monarch butterflies. But I cannot help buy notice the evil look in her eye when she makes a run at me. She is just one of those cranky old hens, I suppose.

Since I got the ladies, they have been laying on average about 6 eggs a day. All have been good, normal looking eggs. About 4 days ago however, I noticed a VERY soft shelled egg which was very light in color. The shell was so soft that I could hardly pick it up and it broke apart in my hand on the trip to the compost pile. Since then I have had two more like this.

The ladies get plenty of good feed and oyster shells so I am just going to chalk it up to stress from the integration. I will keep an eye out however.

So I now have one flock. One flock of happy ladies, save one.
PS – Happy 200th post to me!

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