Wednesday, June 30

Eve of Destruction

When we moved in to the house, there was, to the left of the back door, a wall of ivy crawling up the side of the house. It was only a little over two feet and it was pretty.

Now that we have been here 5 years, the ivy has decided to take over. It has worked its way into the basement walls through the tiniest of cracks and I have vines coming into the basement across the ceiling. It has grown up under the vinyl siding on the house and is creeping into the door frame. In short, it is slowly eating the house.

I have seen enough episodes of Life After People to know that vines and trees and plant life can make short work of bringing down a building so I knew the ivy had to go.

No matter how pretty and 'english garden-like', it had to go.

That stuff is strong. I could not get it out. It was so entrenched in the ground by the basement wall and so secured under the siding that it was not going to budge. Roy came out one morning and did the man thing, attacking the ivy until it was all pulled down and away from the house. Then I went in with trimmers and got the majority of the ivy out. We still have to dig out a few of the major roots but we cannot see our basement wall. And we have a window!

I am planning on getting the area cleared of ivy roots and tilling the whole mess and letting it sit for a while. I am debating leaving it to turn to grass which would be easy, or if I want to add yet another garden to the yard. Something simple, like lilies that don't require much maintenance and tend to fill in fast.

It is hard to not feel like a murderer. I hate to kill a plant on purpose, even if it has to go. I have a terrible time thinning seedlings. But for now, the ivy is gone and I am not as sad as I thought I would be.

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