Wednesday, June 9

Budgets and Colby Donaldson

A few posts ago, I wrote about how we were off-the-internet-grid for a few days. You will be happy to know that I did not collapse from facebook withdrawal and I have been happily downloading podcasts of my favorite radio show as if nothing ever happened.

Having this happen made me realize a few things. First, I am addicted to the internet and I cannot live without it. And secondly, that I am addicted to the internet and I cannot live without it. No, I did not have a typing error. I have a problem.

Not the type of problem that warrants an intervention living room full of family members but something to question none the less.

So when Roy came to me this morning with the dreaded "budget" idea, I cringed as usual, hoped it was flitting idea that would pass, and braced myself for another round of "No more clearance Target tank tops!" But he did not mention tank tops. He mentioned the cable bill.

And I did not cringe.

He wants to cancel the cable and I agree.

I never thought I would see the day when I would agree to this. But it is here and i am not afraid. It is not the internet, which is wonderful. Just the cable, which I can live with.

This whole loss of internet thing has made me realize how absolutely, absurdly, obsessed I am with certain things that really don't matter too much. Why does it matter to me how many re-runs of MASH I see or that I need Robin Meade to tell me all the horrible things that happened in the world while I was sleeping over my morning toast?

Today the word 'budget' did not say 'run for the hills' to me. It said 'simplify' and 'you don't really need this'. And I listened and it is being cancelled at the end of week.

We still get regular, local channels and we are happy with that. Anything we desperately need to see, we can most likely watch online. Hockey season is another matter but Roy promises he will figure out something that lets me watch my beloved Buffalo Sabres.

So we are not off-the-grid, we do not have a rotary phone, and my lights still burn bright, all be it with compact fluorescent bulbs.

But between budgets being necessary and my quest to be more self-sufficient, I think this is actually a good idea.

If any of you out there can tell me what happens on Top Shot next week, I would appreciate it. (Note: I really don't care who hits the target as much as I like seeing Colby.)

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