Thursday, June 10


Pride is the gardener’s worst sin. And I am the guiltiest gardener today.

I have, honestly, hundreds and hundreds of roses blooming right now. Every bush, climbing vine and trellised rose I have is bursting with blooms. So many that I can still not even really believe that something could be so pretty. I just like to stand outside and look at them.

I am full of gardener’s pride.

The irises are just about done now but i still have a few blues and maroons holding on. The lilies are starting to come on strong now as the peonies are drooping and shedding petals. It seems like the peonies did not last long this season.

Is it just me or has nothing lasted this spring? It seems like everything blooms wonderfully and looks great but it only lasts a very short time. Didn't iris and peony used to bloom longer?

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