Tuesday, May 4

The Union Hill Country Grill

We tried a new restaurant the other day on the way to buy chicken supplies. My neighbor had recommended it a while ago since we like nice, home-style type places to eat.

The Union Hill Grill did not disappoint. It was just the type of place that I like. Small town, local, 'walk through the small convenience store to get to the restaurant part', place to be comfortable and enjoy a good meal. It didn't hurt that it also had flyers up in the entrance way for everything from child care to plowing implements for sale.

This place was very layed back and comfortable. They had good selection of food, the employees were great and the prices were not bad either. This kind of places just feels so right to me. It's the kind of place where I feel that I fit in. I can be in my comfy jeans and a flannel shirt, I'll have the baby bag / mom purse and baby in tow and my hair will be a mess from having the windows down in the car on the way over, but it really doesn't bother me.

Roy and I used to go out to eat a lot. We would go to Applebee's and TC Hooligans and I like those places but I always felt a little 'off' there. Like I wasn't dressed right or I felt uncomfortable for some reason. We don't go out to restaurants nearly as much as we used to since it is so much cheaper to make our own meals at home and i figure that if we are going to go out and spend money on a meal, we should go someplace that we like and that we enjoy spending time at.

It's a nice place - kid friendly, good prices, great atmosphere. And it is in this great, really old building, which only makes it all the more fantastic for me. It was built in 1865! The following is from their website and details the history of the building. It is very interesting, especially to someone like me, where history is paramount.

" The Union Hill Country Grill is located at the intersection of Ridge Road and the Monroe-Wayne County Line Road in the community of Union Hill, New York, nestled between the towns of Webster to its west and Ontario to its east.
The building, which today houses The Union Hill Country Grill, was originally constructed by Frank M. Jones around 1865. Beginning in 1865, this site served as the Union Hill Post Office. Later Mr. Jones sold the building to William Stokes who operated a store on the premises until his death in 1929. The store was then operated by several people including William and Thomas Elliot who purchased it in 1932. William Elliot's children, Eva Elliot Anderson and Jack Elliot worked in the store with their father and continue to remain Webster residents today. Their reminisces have been quite helpful in tracing the history of the site.
The original corner store sold many items ranging from groceries and yard goods to shoes, kerosene and seeds. There was an elevated office in the center of the store used by bookkeeper, Mrs. Smart. Behind the office was a stairway to the second story where a millinery shop was once run by Jennie Wagar in which she produced and sold custom-made hats, with no two hats ever alike, attracting customers from miles around. At Christmas time a gift shop operating in the vicinity. During this time the Post Office continued to remain in the northeast corner of the store. To the south of the Post Office was the barber shop. A two story apartment on the west side of the building as was occupied by the owners and the later tenants. Over the years, the businesses in the building have been changed many times including a grocery store, a tropical fish store, a TV repair shop and once again a grocery store.
Eva Elliot Anderson and Jack Elliot recall the property as consisting of two buildings. The second building sat behind the store and held horse drawn carriages which were sold there. There was even a wooden horse on the site which was used to work on saddles. An elevator went to the second floor. This second building was converted to a garage which was run by George Heineman. It was also the original site of the Union Hill Fire Department since 1940 and housed the Union Hill Fire truck from 1942 to 1945. Today the Union Hill Fire Department has relocated just across the street from the Union Hill Country Grill. The second building was eventually torn down with the space now serving as a parking lot for The Union Hill Country Grill.
In the early years, residents of Union Hill and nearby farmers depended on the local stores and shops to provide groceries and services. Other businesses were formed nearby, including a lumber company at the railroad located just below the hill. The Rome, Watertown and Ogdensberg Railroad, known as the "Ho-Jack", was completed and in operation in 1876. Supplies were shipped to the Union Hill railroad station and then taken to the stores by horse drawn wagons. While the Union Hill station closed in 1940, the Ontario-Midland Railroad continues to operate occasionally today. The Rochester and Sodus Bay Trolley provided commuter service to and from Rochester from 1900 to 1929, with stops in Union Hill.
The current owner of the site, Jim Hall continues to operate a small country store on the premises and has converted the remainder of the first floor, which once held two apartments, to accommodate the continued growth of The Union Hill Country Grill, the family restaurant which he owns and operates. He has also personally renovated the three upstairs apartments, updating them to include the conveniences of modern life. The Union Hill Country Grill is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant's walls are lined with historical pictures from the area. Please come and view them while sitting down to a meal or homemade dessert."


  1. wow what a great history. I love old places too.

  2. I love Union Hill! The porch is cosy in the winter with the fire! I hear their pizza is actually very good though I am partial to the Fish Fry.