Friday, May 14

Turkey Jerky

The dehydrator has been hard at work again, this time drying every last drop of moisture out of turkey.

Roy decided that he wanted to try making his own turkey jerky. He really likes it but it is expensive. So he got the meat grinder thing and a big oblong chunk of Black Forest Turkey and set to work.

Grinding turkey is not as romantic as it might sound. I was in charge of chopping and dumping chunks into the grinder. As the hand-grinder worked its magic, ground turkey came out the other end much like a play dough fun factory with the 'spaghetti' attachment on the press.

The next step was to add the spices and seasoning and mix it all up together in a big bowl. It smelled very, well, spicy. Almost overpowering. If I was still pregnant with my super sense of smell, I would have been sleeping in the car that night.

Step three - put the mixture into the press gun. It is like a holiday cookie press, but instead of little Christmas tree shapes that taste like chocolate, this produced strips of turkey that definitely did not taste like chocolate. A very interesting thing, this jerky making. Kind of fun to produce these strips of mushy turkey but the end product was a mystery to me.

So the dehydrator ran all night on the kitchen counter and the whole downstairs smelled very spicy.

Morning came and we were greeted with jerky.

Before I continue, do me a favor. Picture in your mind what jerky is supposed to look like. Any jerky I have ever seen comes out of a bag and it is dark brown-ish, slightly moist looking and chewy-ish. I have never eaten jerky but Roy has and I have seen it happen.

Now, let me describe for you what came out of the dehydrator. Crunchy, brittle, falling apart crumbles of light brown severely dehydrated meat product. I was instantly reminded of something that would have come from the baby’s diaper, to be honest. Just dehydrated.

Roy said "Well, I think we cooked it too long."

Who is this "we"?

There is no "we" in jerky.

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  1. I've never had much luck with a dehydrator, although it's probably due to operator error!