Friday, May 7

This is Why We Never Have to Buy Pens

Roy got home from a huge work conference in Orlando late last night and this morning he opened up his suitcase full of goodies from all the suppliers and vendors and marketing people.

This may sound strange but it is like Christmas in May.

I am fanatical about office supplies. I love them.

I could spend hours in Staples just looking at pens and notebooks.

I love the smell of masking tape and crayola crayons.

And these conferences are why we never have to buy pens. Or post its. Or canvas shopping bags.

The kid had a ball trying to put everything in his mouth and got a sticker for a chemical explosive accidentally stuck to his butt. Ironic in a way.

Here is a breakdown of all the lovely presents he brought home for me. Some are more lovely than others, some are just weird and some are kind of like "hmm, ok.... thank you.....(?)"

4 strands of Mardi Gras beads (I don't think he took his shirt off to get them)
2 stress relief squeeze things shaped like a star and a hot air balloon
1 'suction cup to the back of your door' basketball toy
1 thing of WD-40 in a tube (I did not know this existed in tube form)
1 dancing robot (Freakin' cool!!! Here is a video of him)

7 key chains - two are supposed to light up. Only can get one to work.
*** A note on key chains. if you say you are just going to a conference, do not bring home a key chain shaped like a naked lady.

1 pocket pen light
1 tube of super glue
5 luggage tags/identifiers
2 triangle highlighters (great for genealogy!)
8 poker chips - no monetary value
3 computer screen cleaning things
27 pens (YES - 27 PENS!!!!!!!) I am in heaven!
1 green highlighter
1 green pen and highlighter combo (Again, heaven)
1 mechanical pencil
2 rectangle woodworkers pencils (The kid likes these)
1 regular pencil
1 small plastic ruler
6 small packages of mints and gun (this is kind of gross and will not be eaten by me)
12 small plastic bookmarks
6 hand sanitizers, two in pen form (I am not crazy about hand sanitizer but Roy is)
1 dental floss (eeww)
3 pairs of ear plugs
1 pair safety glasses (I think I will wear these when using my temperamental wood chipper)
1 chip bag clip
3 thumb drives
4 conference pins
2 little blue stuffed birdies
1 Frisbee
4 canvas shopping bags
1 can of biodegradable paint stripper (what? - are they running out of giveaway ideas?)
2 support the troops car magnets
6 mouse pads (I don't have that many mice)
1 cool little notebook
1 'clip your drill to your belt' holder thing (again - running out of ideas?)
1 keep your beer cool holder thing
1 "shower in a towel" (fragrance-free!)
1 pair of durable gloves
4 items that promise to let you go to the bathroom anywhere-portable potties in bags. eeww.
1 'grab and go' safety kit
decals including explosive sticker
numerous post it packs handouts, booklets to order things, a few other odds and ends

Now, I am aware that all this "stuff" is just that - "stuff". I know that there are things here that we didn't really need or would have bought in a store. And I can see that a lot of it comes from the far away, mystical land of China. However, we will use a lot of this stuff. The money we will save on pens alone! I will do my best to integrate these items into our household and use them for their intended purposes. Well, maybe not the mints.

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  1. Wow what a haul! I love office supplies as well. I used to be a secretary and you could really tell if someone loved pens cause they sure disappeared quick. Nurses for some reason steal them...hmmm I wonder why could it be that the docs take them all and lose them...